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Swissair Never Updated !

Posted: 10 Jul 2008, 20:23
by jeremyjasper
I do not want to be know as a moaner, but how come Swissair never gets updated i know the real airline is no longer but this is the virtual world and all the other airlines are always in the news section (Air Canada). so do we have a manager ? and what sort of things are coming in the future for this airline ?

Also how come we do not have Lufthansa Virtual ?


Re: Swissair Never Updated !

Posted: 10 Jul 2008, 20:26
by caps1237
Topic moved to Administrative since this is a question for Management.

Also, please see this regarding the Lufthansa question.

Re: Swissair Never Updated !

Posted: 18 Jul 2008, 03:55
by Aaron Robinson

Our Swissair Manager, Ali Abou-Zeid, is currently on leave until the end of the month.

There's not much reason that things would change at Swissair since the airline no longer exists in real life. However, we do have a process of continuous improvement and have additional historical routes that we plan on adding. For instance, earlier this year we added nine new routes from Geneva.