FSX Auto pilot problems

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Re: FSX Auto pilot problems

Post by FJ flyer » 11 Jun 2009, 07:17

Jacob Mobley wrote:
RatherBFlyin wrote:I am guessing that you have FS set to display KTAS instead of KIAS. Whenever I fly a 737 (default or otherwise) at M.078, the airspeed typically comes in around 270 knots and I almost never have a problem arriving late.
Yeah, I think I have it set to that. I mean, it's not really that big of a deal to me, because all I care about is arriving on time, and not crashing on my approach :mrgreen: .
I suggest you change it back to KIAS (Indicatied air speed) as that's the most realistic. But it's your choice.
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Re: FSX Auto pilot problems

Post by RatherBFlyin » 11 Jun 2009, 14:03

If you are used to flying that way, that's fine. The only trouble with that is that your critical speeds (such as stall speed and maximum airspeed) will vary depending on where you are flying and the weather conditions at the time.

Here is an example. If you are on final approach at JFK in the middle of winter in a 737, your stall speed may be around 105 KTAS. If you are on final approach to Miami in the middle of summer (approximately the same elevation), the same aircraft will have a stall speed around 115 KTAS. Doesn't sound like much, but if you are expecting the aircraft to stall at 105 and it stalls at 115, you are still going to fall out of the sky. To take the example a little further, if you take the same aircraft to Denver in the middle of winter it may stall at 110 KTAS. In the middle of summer, it may stall at 125 KTAS.

Like I said before, if you want to fly using KTAS in the simulator that's fine. However, just keep in mind that all of your critical airspeeds will vary depending on altitude and temperature (and to some degree by local pressure changes as well). With the simulator set to display KIAS, all of your critical airspeeds will remain the same.

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Re: FSX Auto pilot problems

Post by Jacob Mobley » 11 Jun 2009, 14:43

Yeah, I'll think about changing that, thanks guys :) .
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