Arriving too early

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Martijn Heufke
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Arriving too early

Post by Martijn Heufke » 24 Dec 2008, 14:07


I use FSX and I arrive too early, today I flew a flight from AMS to LHR, schudeld from 10.25 to 10.50. So I departed from gate at 10.23 and I landed in London at +-10.25. I had to taxi very long so I parked at gate at 10.38. My cruise altitude was FL250 at a speed of 280 to 300 knots. In total I flew 1.15 but SkyTeam Traveldesk says that the flighttime must be 1.25. 22-10-08 I flew to Billund, it's that I get another approach from ATC but otherwise I had landed also to early. A boeing 737-800W can fly 330 knots, so what am I doing wrong? Is it the low traffic setting in FSX so I can take-off earlierer(my computer can't handle any more traffic, than I get very low frames per second)? Please help me,

Martijn Heufke Kantelaar

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Re: Arriving too early

Post by Dennis » 24 Dec 2008, 14:14

For starters, don't always fly the maximum speed the aircraft can fly. Unless it's a VERY short hop, try to climb to at least FL280 (28,000 ft), and depending on the distance, cruise at around 270 KIAS. Those two always help me during short-haul flights. With long-haul it's a different story. Always climb to the recommended cruising altitude and cruising speed.

And if you still arrive too early don't sweat it. Remember that airlines usually add some time before takeoff and after landing for taxiing and any delay that may occur. When you file the PIREP, just clarify the situation.
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Re: Arriving too early

Post by Marlin » 24 Dec 2008, 15:18

Martijn, your arrival time will usually be different than what is posted in the schedule. Airlines have delays built in the length of the flight, the weather, flying at a different altitude than the real world route and etc. are only a few of the reasons your arrival time could and will be different than the schedule. That makes it more realistic than arriving right on the nose on every flight. I have had some long haul flights land 1 hour earlier than scheduled -- makes for happy passengers.

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Aaron Robinson
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Re: Arriving too early

Post by Aaron Robinson » 24 Dec 2008, 17:55

From the FAQ:
4.11) Why do my flights tend to be early?
There are a few possible reasons: a) you likely aren’t facing the same amount of traffic congestion on the ground and in the skies as in real life, b) you may be flying a more direct route between airports than is flown in real life, and c) you may be flying at the specifications’ cruise speed—most airlines will fly slower to conserve fuel.
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