FSX Kai Tak multi-player

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FSX Kai Tak multi-player

Post by Jimmyp4 » 04 Mar 2008, 08:12

This weeked (Satarday) I was thinking about starting a Multi-player session in FSX at Kai Tak airport (Hong Kong for those whoe havn't bothered to reasearch :roll: ). I was going to set the weather to Monsoon and seeing how well We can do. I may include Hong Kong INTL (Present day) for those people who want to go from airport to airport and not in circles. This would be more flying in large ovals around the airport (and maybe to HK INTL) and just chatting. I would probably be ATC for the fly-in at Kai Tak (INTL your on your own) but I may come out and fly sooner or later.

I just need to know...
Is there any intrest in this?
What time is best for everyone?
What aircraft are you flying and where can you get it (for those who hate aircraft substitutes).

I will call the server "Simairline fly-in", PM me for the password

If I fly I will be using the British Airways 747-400 NC on the fleet section.
wannabe pilot. thanks to Nick Anderson for the great banner!

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Re: FSX Kai Tak multi-player

Post by steve.KPHL » 07 Mar 2008, 14:26

I would surely join the session if I could do the following till then -

1. Learn how to join a session
2. Know how to fly online
3. Start flying properly
4. Install all necessary addons
4. Install the FSX on my PC

And lastly, buy an FSX
This one for Nick!

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