Level-D 767 problem

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Tom Alder
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Level-D 767 problem

Post by Tom Alder » 12 Sep 2009, 01:48

I havent used my Level-D 767 in a while and went to do a flight yesterday, and the whole thing seems to have gone wrong. The aircraft just automatically rudders to the right every 3 seconds or so, and I have to counter to get it to reset. Also, the panel works when the flight loads, but if I want to use spot view, or any other view for that matter, when I try to switch back to the 2d cockpit, the game freezes and I have to exit. I cant think of what to do, can you help? I recently installed a ton of scenery, which I thought might be the problem, so I totally reinstalled Fs9 but that still isnt fixing it. :(
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