Delta 77L Delivery

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Re: Delta 77L Delivery

Post by seahawks7757 » 18 Mar 2008, 07:36

COA413 wrote:
seahawks7757 wrote:Its about 10 post above yours. :lol:

:oops: :oops:

Also thought I would add you even quoted it. :rolling: :rolling:

But I am curious Aaron what about after Tuesday the 18th? Anynore info or what do you want us to do for flying it from here on out?
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Aaron Robinson
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Re: Delta 77L Delivery

Post by Aaron Robinson » 18 Mar 2008, 13:22

It's listed with its own code in the timetable.

At the end of the month, when the second one arrives, it will permanently be allocated to (ATL?-)JFK-BOM.
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Re: Delta 77L Delivery

Post by CaseyD » 23 Mar 2008, 23:07

Any idea where this plane is right now?
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