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Question about poll

Posted: 02 Jul 2008, 02:43
by madisonlover101
I have a question that will help me decide my vote better. I would like to know what possible code shares will be added to our Virtual Airlines?

Re: Question about poll

Posted: 02 Jul 2008, 04:15
by Aaron Robinson
I've identified about 60 potential VAs to partner with. I'd rather not say what those VAs are. However, you ought to read the following to understand the entire situation:

From the FAQ:
Why don't we have lots of codeshare flights?
We once operated many codeshare flights, of a dozen other airlines. However, pilots did not fly these very often, and some pilots only flew the codeshare flights, which was not the objective of having those flights. In addition, we exist in order to fly the flights of the airlines we are based on, not their partners. We do try to set up additional codeshare agreements, but only with airlines that our real-life counterparts also codeshare with. In addition, many potential airlines to codeshare with are already part of's operations. For example, of Continental's twenty-four airline codeshare partners, the operations of sixteen are already part of another virtual airline at ... =15&t=3509" onclick=";return false; (my long post about a third of the way down)

Re: Question about poll

Posted: 02 Jul 2008, 04:20
by madisonlover101
Ok, Aaron...thanks for the info! ;)

Re: Question about poll

Posted: 30 Nov 2008, 13:44
by sac601
Aaron, I am sure that some big airline would be flown by our pilots. Myself I would love to see the following added in our companies:

Air France
United AIrline
American Airline



Re: Question about poll

Posted: 30 Nov 2008, 15:31
by Aaron Robinson

Thanks for your suggestion. If you haven't already, please read this topic, which discusses your thoughts.