International Flight Simulation Consortium (IFSC)

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International Flight Simulation Consortium (IFSC)

Post by caps1237 » 28 May 2009, 08:29

According to Tom Allensworth's (AVSIM head honcho) blog: ... g&blogid=1& , yesterday marked the formation of something called the International Flight Simulation Consortium (IFSC). Sounds...awesome. Wonder what they'll do and what's to come of it.

Anyways, after a quick googling, I found this: ... um-formed/. The big guy in the back right looks realllly excited :laugh:

And one more link, with some more substantial info: ... r-of-ifsc/. So it looks smart, something that will ensure there's a market for FS add-ons and flight simmers. And hey...I think we'd be considered a serious VA :wink:

Oh and in other news, as a side note, Aerosoft today announced they're in the beginning stages of developing a new flight simulator meant to fill some gaps or fulfill some sort of niche that FSX didn't cover. Or maybe its to replace it. I don't know, either way, it sounds exciting.
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Re: International Flight Simulation Consortium (IFSC)

Post by FJ flyer » 28 May 2009, 09:49

Sounds interesting!
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Re: International Flight Simulation Consortium (IFSC)

Post by Anuj » 28 May 2009, 09:58

Ooh, A new FS.. Exciting !! :D
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Re: International Flight Simulation Consortium (IFSC)

Post by DMM200 » 29 May 2009, 02:24

Wow! It sounds great, all of it!
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