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Tips And Tricks

Posted: 03 Dec 2008, 04:07
by FJ flyer
To explain how things work in Excel (a couple of people have asked), here is what it says in the timetable:
Excel Tips
1) Flights can be sorted or filtered based on various criteria. Click the arrow of the headers to explore this feature.
2) If the text appears too small, zoom in using the zoom level or by ctrl+scrollwheel.
3) Use the find feature (ctrl+F) to search for specific flights or to move around the timetable.
Hopefully this clears a couple of things up.

Can a moderator or admin please sticky this?

Re: Tips And Tricks

Posted: 03 Dec 2008, 04:24
by Aaron Robinson
Others you feel are worth adding?

Re: Tips And Tricks

Posted: 07 Mar 2009, 18:18
by SteveM
I have the Excel timetable 1.5.8 16th Feb but cannot workout how to use the sort feature

"Click the arrow of the headers to explore this feature "

Does not seem to work for me.Am i doing something wrong ?


Re: Tips And Tricks

Posted: 07 Mar 2009, 19:40
by RatherBFlyin
Here is how to use the filtering feature in Excel:

1) select any cell of data below the column headers.

2) In the menu, select Data > Filter > AutoFilter

3) You should notice small arrows appear in the bottom right corner of each header cell.

4) If you click on the arrow, a drop-down box will appear containing a list of the various content in each cell in the column.

5) Select the information you want to filter by, and the spreadsheet will hide everything that does not match that data in that column.

6) You can filter by several columns at once (eg. Airline and Departure Airport).

If you have done steps one and two, but cannot see the arrows in step three, I'm afraid I do not know what is wrong and can't assist further. :(

Re: Tips And Tricks

Posted: 17 Jul 2009, 13:19
by cpt nick
With the .pdf version if theres a certain place you wish to visit then use the search bar at the top and search say 'EGCC' for flights in an out of Manchester intl airport UK or '747-400' for obviously flights using the Booeing 747-400.
Just a small pointer for those of us without Microsoft Excel. :)