How To...Update the Destinations Checklist

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How To...Update the Destinations Checklist

Post by Aaron Robinson » 11 Jan 2009, 03:39

A second version hasn't been released yet, but I'm preparing instructions now on how to update your checklist to the latest version. The next version will be released on Monday, but subsequent updates will likely be monthly and include a version number matching the Timetable.

1. Download the latest version of the Destinations Checklist.
2. Rename the previous version to something else, in this example, destinations_checklist_old.xls. Excel will not allow you to open two files with the same name.
3. Open both versions.
4. In cell E4 of the new version, paste the following:
5. Hover the cursor at the lower right corner of cell E4 until the cursor turns into a "+" sign, and double-click. This should fill the same formula down.
6. Click on E (the column header) and press ctrl+c
7. Right-click anywhere in column E and select "Paste Special".
8. Select "Values" and click "OK".

All clear?
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