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Emirates Expansion

Post by Mpochylko » 27 Jul 2008, 22:57

Does anyone know if Emirates is planning to open another hub anywhere? Expample LHR or LAX or JFK? :smokin:

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Re: Emirates Expansion

Post by seahawks7757 » 28 Jul 2008, 01:46

It wouldn't surprise me with the size of there fleet getting bigger and what not.
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Re: Emirates Expansion

Post by Aaron Robinson » 28 Jul 2008, 01:59

I'm not sure why this was posted in Viewpoint as there's no connected article, so I've moved it to VA Discussion.

The answer to your question is (mostly) no. Emirates has the ire of the world governments of much of the world, who, even if it were legal for Emirates to establish a hub there, would do everything they could not to. However, Emirates has for years been pushing the Australian government (along with Singapore Airlines) for rights to flight transpacific. It will be interesting to see what happens to Virgin Blue's ownership in the next few months, as this could be a suitable entryway.
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