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Dave B
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Re: Last flights for simairline

Post by Dave B » 25 Apr 2010, 21:00

It's a sad day for me- I'm away on business until Thursday, so have just logged my last SimAirline flight.

London City is my nearest airport (as the crow flies) and I made my first flight from there to Edinburgh on 6 June 2006 in a BA RJ100. I've always flown form me last destination and have just made my way home to LCY from Amsterdam, BA again, but this time in an E170.

In 1419 days, I have made 261 flights (1 every 5.44 days) in 47 different aircraft with 32 Airlines. In my 606.42 hours flying time with SimAirline (the rest was brought forward from another VA), I've managed to visit 123 different destinations all around the world.

I've really enjoyed my time with and am very proud to have been a member. I'd like to thank Aaron and all the management who have put so much time into running things, and all the other pilots that have made it such a success. Good luck to everyone in the future.

Dave (Pilot ID 383)

Ali Abou-Zeid
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Re: Last flights for simairline

Post by Ali Abou-Zeid » 25 Apr 2010, 23:49

Very touching, Dave.

Same for I did my last flight. Zurich-Cairo, back to my home airport, and the return flight from my first flight here.

I recorded the whole flight and will make a video out of it. Did a very nice approach and an amazing kiss landing!!!
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Re: Last flights for simairline

Post by RatherBFlyin » 26 Apr 2010, 02:49

I am going to try again on Monday and Thursday to get ACA033 completed. If I am successful, that will most likely be my final SimAirline flight. If I am unsuccessful, then it looks like the last PIREP I filed will have been my last flight. :(

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Re: Last flights for simairline

Post by a.trailblazer7 » 26 Apr 2010, 02:56

Trying to knock out 3 more before I have to return to work wed. Have to put floor in and fix hot water heater, so doing one run tonight 4/25
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Re: Last flights for simairline

Post by caps1237 » 26 Apr 2010, 02:58

Flight marathoning the past two days. Have managed to squeeze in the following routes:

FRA-CPT (landing momentarily)
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Re: Last flights for simairline

Post by DMM200 » 26 Apr 2010, 04:34

I think my last flight is going to be KJFK-EGLL in a 744, as that's what majority of my flights have been. It will be Friday night as I am studying for my huge Bio SAT II the next day.
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