My first flight back and a time question.......

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My first flight back and a time question.......

Post by Jimmyp4 » 13 Jul 2008, 22:59

Hello all.
After family problems forced me to be on leave in febuarary (and i was unable to come back and file for more unactivity). I'm finnally back. I decided to fly Delta Flight: 6440, an E-170LR flight from SLC to Ind.

Here are some pics. ... -59-75.jpg
At the gate in SLC ... -44-69.jpg
Preping the panel for the flight. ... -38-51.jpg
Requsting permission to taxi ... -59-78.jpg
Pushing back ... -54-48.jpg
Taxing ... -51-32.jpg
Still waiting for Southwest to call me about this. ATC told me to hold position, but i ended up flooring it to avoid being hit by an apperent suicide pilot. ... -59-51.jpg
"Delta 6440, hold short" ... -12-68.jpg
Here we go...... ... -59-04.jpg
Rotate ... -21-36.jpg
Leaving SLC behind ... -54-98.jpg
Climbing out ... -01-72.jpg
At cruise somwhere over colorado

I set the GPS to fly the plane to IND and went and watched some NATgeo. Came back a little late though as the plane had been circling IND for awhile (dang it) ... -36-82.jpg
Desending in a circle :lol: ... -18-61.jpg
Still desending ... -53-71.jpg
PERFECT FINAL! ... -32-58.jpg
Seconds after touchdown ... -26-01.jpg
Taxing to the gate ... -21-08.jpg
At the gate, starting the shutdown procedure. ... -23-89.jpg
I went inside the cockpit to check my time....... ITS 14:37!, I'm more then an hour early even though the plane had gone into a holding pattern! :shocked: My sheduled Arival was 1545, My cruise speed was 280 knots, Should i file with that arrival time or should i not?
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Re: My first flight back and a time question.......

Post by Dennis » 13 Jul 2008, 23:11

1. You should have posted the screenshots in the screenshot section. I have moved it for you.

2. You can file the PIREP but in the comments please note about the cruising speed and such. Another option would be to fly it again, but at a lower speed.

3. In the future, please remember to post just links to the screenshots and not the actual screenshot.
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Re: My first flight back and a time question.......

Post by THA346 » 13 Jul 2008, 23:41

Don't forget: real-world airline schedules often account for some ground and/or airborne holds at both ends.
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Re: My first flight back and a time question.......

Post by Mr. Boeing » 14 Jul 2008, 02:32

I find it very hard to believe you were more than an hour early on this flight. Are you sure the time zones weren't messed up? :?

But great shots! :winking:
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Re: My first flight back and a time question.......

Post by frogdude4993 » 14 Jul 2008, 03:08

The cruising speed for the E170 is mach .78. You were at 280kts, you were probably going as fast as mach .82, which is why you were so early.

You can find appropriate cruising speeds at the aircraft's page in the airline's fleet page.

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