British Airways 757/A319

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British Airways 757/A319

Post by accguate » 06 Oct 2009, 03:02

Hi guys! these pics where taken on few flights I made the last few days

Aaron maybe they can make the Gallery

Alejandro Castro-Conde
Pilot ID 345
Boeing 757
Airbus A319
Flight BA456 EGLL(8:15)/LEMD(11:35)
Flight BA457 LEMD(12:40)/EGLL(14:00)
Flight BA2722 EGKK(06:25)/LEAL(09:55)
Flight BA2723 LEAL(10:40)/EGKK(12:15)
-All BA actual flights-

-Just landed at LEMD taxi to gate 532 ... ots501.jpg
-Ready to go RWY 36L on my way back home ... ots502.jpg
-Over the pyrenees on my way to Alicante ... ots524.jpg
-Landing on RWY 10 ... ots536.jpg ... ots537.jpg
-Climbing to FL 360 over the coast of Valencia.Spain ... ots552.jpg

Thx for watching!
Leave you comment on the way out
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Re: British Airways 757/A319

Post by flyingking12093 » 06 Oct 2009, 03:09

Nice shots!
Bryan O'Fallon

*What touchdown zone?*
Huge thanks to Fraser for the banner
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Re: British Airways 757/A319

Post by a.trailblazer7 » 06 Oct 2009, 13:25

Great shots!! Keep'em coming!!
Much thanks to Fraser J. for making a great banner!!

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Re: British Airways 757/A319

Post by Ev13 » 07 Oct 2009, 04:34

Nice set! I like the last one! I loved the water textures on it!
Made by Fraser Jeffery, Thanks!

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Re: British Airways 757/A319

Post by Aaron Robinson » 11 Oct 2009, 03:32

accguate wrote:Aaron maybe they can make the Gallery
I will consider them, thanks.
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