Farewell to a Classic - Part 3

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Farewell to a Classic - Part 3

Post by Northwestdc9 » 26 Nov 2009, 04:50

Once all it's cargo was loaded, the troops belted in and ready to go, 6623 taxis out for her last revenue flight. NW9995 to Burlington, on behalf of the U.S. Military.

Northwest Airlines 9995
Boeing 747-251B, 6623
Chennault AFB-Burlington
Military Charter

6623 gracefully lifts out of Lake Charles. She almost looks majestic from this first angle.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74237.jpg
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74238.jpg

Northwest Airlines, carrying passengers, one last time.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74239.jpg

Getting dark on the way to Vermont.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74242.jpg

Descending into Burlington with the last of the sun.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74244.jpg

Final approach, cleared to land.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74245.jpg

Nothing lands like a 747!
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74246.jpg

Using the majority of the runway to slow down, reversers fully deployed.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74247.jpg

Wintery up in Vermont as 6623 brings the troops home.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74248.jpg

After unloading the troops, cargo and refueling for the trip home to Minneapolis, she preps for the final leg of her 30 year journey.

Northwest Airlines 9814
Boeing 747-251B, 6623
Burlington-Minneapolis/St. Paul
Repositioning back to base

Northwest's proud 747-200 pulls onto runway 15 for departure, her last trip home.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74249.jpg

Even the weather is sad as she screams out of Burlington.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74250.jpg

Flying an upwind leg out of Burlington, climbing like a racehorse.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74254.jpg

After the two hour trip home to Minneapolis, 6623 contacts Minneapolis Tower.
"Minneapolis Tower, Northwest 9814 heavy, with you for ILS 30L"
"Northwest 9814 heavy, Minneapolis Tower."
"Northwest 9814 heavy, go ahead."
"Northwest, uhh, we'd just like to say what an honor it's been working with you guys all these years, bring it on home. Northwest 9814 heavy, wind 310 at 6, cleared to land, 30L."
"Thank you sir, Northwest 9814 heavy, cleared to land."

Cleared to land, she screams in over the highway.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74256.jpg

I've had a lot of good landings in my life, but this one was beautiful. Doing her true justice.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74257.jpg
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74258.jpg
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74259.jpg
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74260.jpg

Slowing down on 30L.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74261.jpg

"Northwest 9814 heavy, right on Charlie contact ground, welcome home."
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74262.jpg

Pulling into gate F12 to unload the crew before being towed over to the hangars.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74263.jpg

The last few inches, pulling into the gate.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74265.jpg

Parked and shutdown. Thanks for everything, 6623!
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74266.jpg
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74264.jpg

Thanks for looking, if you made it this far. Haha. It's been an honor Northwest, may you live on forever in our memories.
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Re: Farewell to a Classic - Part 3

Post by flyingking12093 » 26 Nov 2009, 05:06

Excellent shots Nick. As usual. Sad to see the 742's go. :(
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Re: Farewell to a Classic - Part 3

Post by DMM200 » 26 Nov 2009, 05:51

A very good tribute to a wonderful and graceful airliner Nick.

Thanks Fraser Jeffery for the beautiful avatar!
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Re: Farewell to a Classic - Part 3

Post by caps1237 » 26 Nov 2009, 07:01

Great shots Nick, a real nice way to close off classic Northwest ops.

Absolute classic, 747 Classic shot: http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74239.jpg
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Re: Farewell to a Classic - Part 3

Post by Delta320 » 26 Nov 2009, 23:18

Sad to see them go :(

Great shots
Huge thanks to David Malinowski for this amazing banner!

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Re: Farewell to a Classic - Part 3

Post by a.trailblazer7 » 27 Nov 2009, 17:17

GREAT shots, way to go. With all good things.....
Much thanks to Fraser J. for making a great banner!!

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