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BA 744

Posted: 09 Nov 2006, 18:00
by Anuj
Flying to VIDP from EGLL, here' a screenie:

:D ... titled.jpg

Posted: 09 Nov 2006, 23:03
by aman13
NICE SHOT! However next time please post a few more. I like to see photos of peoples flights. GREAT SHOT though! :D

Posted: 10 Nov 2006, 11:40
by Basje
It looks good, but I have one suggestion: why don't you toggle of your aircaft label? That way, you wouldn't that red letters anymore. :)


Posted: 10 Nov 2006, 16:38
by Anuj
Thanks for your comments.I forgot to turn off the labels. :oops:

Posted: 11 Nov 2006, 10:59
by Basje
No problem! It's not necessary, it was just a suggestion. :wink: