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LAS 04/19

Posted: 23 Apr 2010, 11:21
by seahawks7757
Well heres the start of my collection from Sunset BLVD-
I seam to have some luck as I got 4 or so special schemes in the 2 hours or so I was there-
N169UW US Airways A321-
N548AS Alaska Airlines Inverse Scheme. I call it Peinguin woth the inverse nose-
N792SW Classic Mustard Scheme-
N609SW California One-
N821SK SkyWest Version of Skittles-
N661AA American Airlines 757-200-
C-GEWJ WestJet 737-600 Just smoking the mains!-
N917WN Southwest 737-700 in one of my favorite shots with the Luxor providing an awesome backdrop-

Re: LAS 04/19

Posted: 23 Apr 2010, 20:31
by caps1237
Dude you're getting damn good at this! These look great, color is nice, angles are good. Well done.

Re: LAS 04/19

Posted: 23 Apr 2010, 21:22
by seahawks7757
Thank You, I got some new glass coming too, a 100-400MM :)
Here are the next few I put out this morning-
N75410 Continental 737-924
N370SW Southwest 737-3G7
N606SW Southwest 737-3H4 (Actually I shot this bird in SEA back in Febuary!)
Now for a little US Airways Parade to rain on the Southwest one :P-
N667AW US Airways A320-232
Same tail now with the Luxor!
N649AW US Airways A320-232
N170US US Airways A321-211 With the Stratosphere!