A thought for Virgin Exress

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A thought for Virgin Exress

Post by steve63 » 29 May 2008, 01:53

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

I was just looking at the destinations for Virgin Express and it was so sad to see only 3 destinations
for the airline from Brussels. I use to fly alot of the flights but as the number of destinations droped so
did my intrest in the airline.
Now that it has been merged with SN Brussels why not take it back in time to a point when it
served it's most destinations.To me it now seems like we should treat it like Pan Am , Sabena and Swissair.
Just a thought.


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Re: A thought for Virgin Exress

Post by Aaron Robinson » 29 May 2008, 02:23

Virgin Express is an unusual VA, just like it was an unusual airline. The real airline never reached the potential imagined for it. At the time it merged with SN Brussels Airlines, it was about half the size of its peak.

Throughout its history, most of Virgin Express' routes were also flown by Sabena, which we also offer. The routes currently offered are the three that were flown on behalf of Sabena and that Sabena did not operate. When Virgin Express merged last spring, we made the decision to reduce Virgin Express' operations to these three so that the two would fully complement each other. The idea was to reduce the route duplication between the two VAs in favor of supporting the larger Sabena.

Every year I go to an airline collectibles convention to try to find old airline timetables. One thing I would like to be able to do is expand the Virgin Express network again to at least include Gatwick and Stansted, which Virgin Express also flew to for Sabena.

Alex Sanins, our Virgin Manager, and I will discuss this issue at some point. I have many of the old timetables saved on my computer dating back to when we started (2000), so it may make sense to revitalize our Virgin Express operations in the future.
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