Waiting for pilot ID

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Waiting for pilot ID

Post by Drooler » 26 Mar 2009, 22:57

I signed up a couple of weeks ago and have submitted a handful of pireps but I still haven't received my pilot id. All I have is the welcome email saying that pireps are usually approved in 72 hours.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Re: Waiting for pilot ID

Post by NWADC9 » 26 Mar 2009, 23:51

Yes, ignoring the fact that Aaron is gone :wink:

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Re: Waiting for pilot ID

Post by Dennis » 26 Mar 2009, 23:51

As stated numerous times, through the boards, through Viewpoint, Aaron is on a trip. Until he returns, all new pilot IDs, PIREPs, and other SimAirline.net business is on hold.
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Re: Waiting for pilot ID

Post by RatherBFlyin » 27 Mar 2009, 04:02

We do apologize for the delay. Unfortunately Aaron is currently the only one who can approve PIREPs and get new pilot ID's issued. Aaron does a wonderful job for us here at SimAirline.net, but unfortunately it is on a purely volunteer basis, and he does also have a full-time job that occupies a great deal of his time. Ordinarily PIREPs (and new pilot ID's) are verified within 24 hours, but there are occasionally periods that take a good deal longer. Everyone's patience is greatly appreciated. You are not being ignored, and all PIREP's and new pilot ID's will come in time.

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Re: Waiting for pilot ID

Post by Aaron Robinson » 05 Apr 2009, 03:56

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