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How to Join

Post by Guest » 29 Jul 2009, 23:16


I'm an active member on ivao rated FC/S3 and actuall member of the United Airlines Virtual at the US IVAO division.

I really want to join you cause of the big selection of airlines and it's quality. So please tell me how could i join Sim Airline.

Greetings from Mexico.

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Re: How to Join

Post by Dennis » 29 Jul 2009, 23:52


Here's the answer to your question.

In short, go to the Join section and then read the Pilot Manual where you'll find the application.
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Re: How to Join

Post by alma343 » 31 Jul 2009, 17:08

How do People manage to write as Guest?

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Re: How to Join

Post by Aaron Robinson » 31 Jul 2009, 17:10

Guest posting is only allowed in select Support forums. Without checking, I believe it's 'Getting Started,' 'Aircraft,' and 'Panels.'
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