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Virtual Airline Link

Post by kingsak » 30 Apr 2010, 14:41

There was a link in Viewpoint that was to direct to a list of VA's but
the link comes back as "404 ERROR".
Will that link be fixed? or is there another location for it?
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Aaron Robinson
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Re: Virtual Airline Link

Post by Aaron Robinson » 30 Apr 2010, 17:27

The Viewpoint email should not have been sent yet. The letter and all links will be released tonight.
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Re: Virtual Airline Link

Post by RatherBFlyin » 01 May 2010, 01:36

I didn't get an email, but I did get an RSS notification of today's Viewpoint post, and when I tried the link I also got a 404 error (this was at 2030 eastern time).

*EDIT* It's working great now. :)

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