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Posted: 16 Jul 2007, 00:28
by RatherBFlyin
ehallaby wrote:oh ok why did you move

Gack! I never noticed this question, sorry. My parents were missionaries, and we lived in Swaziland for several years while they worked there. I've also lived with them on Sri Lanka and Guam.

Posted: 16 Jul 2007, 00:37
by RatherBFlyin
Yes. The original European settlers in Africa were from the Netherlands (from the Dutch East India Company, IIRC). Afrikaans came from the language they brought down with them. They originally settled the Cape of Good Hope (Cape Town), then spread from there. If you want a good book about the early days of South Africa, I highly recommend Jock of the Bushveld. It's almost impossible to find it these days, though. I went looking for a copy online not too long ago because I wanted to read it again and couldn't find the copy I had purchased while I was living in Swaziland. The only ones I could find were first editions, but they were far too expensive for me. Any of you South African folks know if that book is even still being printed?

I don't remember a great dreal of my South African history, but the African Bantu tribes migrated southwards many hundreds of years prior to the European arrival in Southern Africa. Almost all of the native African tribes descended from a common ancestral group. In fact, they probably all share a common ancestral group.

Posted: 16 Jul 2007, 05:27
by LamborghiniFlyte
The Dutch Decendents

Posted: 16 Jul 2007, 16:25
by sanins192
Thanks for the low-down and brief history of SA guys.

Posted: 17 Jul 2007, 09:23
by LamborghiniFlyte
Np man happy to talk about it!