Farewell to a Classic - Part 2

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Farewell to a Classic - Part 2

Post by Northwestdc9 » 26 Nov 2009, 02:57

After a night of rest in Detroit, I picked up 6623 at the same gate the following morning.
Today's trip is her last revenue flight and two repositioning flights, starting the morning in Detroit and finishing back in Minneapolis/St. Paul.
Ferrying the 747 is unlike anything I've done before, with less than 30% of it's total fuel capacity, an empty cabin and nothing on the cargo deck, the classics have no problem rocketing straight to 40,000 feet. The takeoff, even with max reduced thrust, uses barely any runway and climbs like nothing I've ever seen, except maybe a DC9.

Northwest Airlines 9813
Boeing 747-251B, 6623
Detroit-Chennault AFB
Repositioning for Revenue Flight

Good morning baby! Looking great.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74229.jpg
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74228.jpg

Pushed back and just about to get underway.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74230.jpg

"Northwest 9813 heavy, runway 4R, position and hold, departing DC9 traffic."
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74231.jpg

http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74233.jpg

"Northwest 9813 heavy, contact Detroit Departure, 125.525, it's been an honor sir, good day"
"125.525, thanks Detroit, we'll see y"

http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74235.jpg

Climbing up through the rain.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74234.jpg

Smoking the mains in Louisiana.
http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Screenshot ... W74236.jpg

6623 spent the afternoon loading both cargo and troops on the ramp in Lake Charles, LA before departing for Burlington, VT.
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