Things to do in Seattle

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Things to do in Seattle

Post by Dennis » 17 Nov 2010, 19:59

This will go by a LONG time without a formal reply but I thought, what the heck?

So, I MAY go to Seattle in January as part of the American Meteorological Society meeting where students and professionals discuss papers and such. Since I didn't submit my paper, I was not selected to go, but I have some cash and I think I'm gonna go for it.

So far, the schedule I have is depart on Jan 20 and connect through PHL and PHX with US (I won't stand being 5 hours on an A320 all the way to Seattle so I rather have more connections), and return on Jan 25 connecting either through PHL or CLT. On Jan 23, my friends present their papers so that day I'll be at the Convention Center, but in the mean time, what else is there to do in Seattle, aside the Space Needle?

I was hoping to go to do some airplane spotting at Everett, SEA, and maybe go to the Museum of Flight! Anything else I should add?
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Re: Things to do in Seattle

Post by DMM200 » 21 Nov 2010, 17:21

You can visit Brandon :wink:

There's also many historic/well known food markets especially when it comes to coffee and fish if I'm not mistaking. Plus, if you can fork up enough cash, the Seahawks are probably playing.
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